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▶ 공부 잘하는 국제학교, 사립고 학생들이 스티븐아카데미에 오는 이유는?
AP, IB 여러 과목을 공부해야하는데..
① 시간 절약 + 빠른 요점 정리 해야 하기 때문!
② 많은 실전 문제가 필요하기 때문!
③ 시험에만 나오는 족집게 수업이 필요하기 때문!

▶ 5월 AP 시험 보고 점수가 낮으면? (1~2점)
-> Hold 하는 방법 (대학에 안 가게 하는 방법)
아래 칼럼을 확인해주세요!

<원장님 칼럼>
AP 점수 Hold 시키는 방법
AP scores can be cancelled before students get their scores (and can be done at any time, even right after the test on the day of the test) and thereafter, but AP scores can also be "withheld" only after July after receiving the scores. "Cancelled" scores are gone for good, while "withheld" scores can be released again to send universities the scores.

However, to add to the confusion, students have the option to include up to four "free" score sends when they sign up for the AP test. "Cancelled" scores before July (before the scores are out) not only erases the scores, "cancelling" also prevents the scores from being sent to those four universities, but of course, students must do this BEFORE scores are out and BEFORE they know their scores.

This "score cancelling" effectively has the same effect as "Score Choice." If students have taken for example two AP subject tests, they can "hold" one AP subject test score while sending off another AP subject test score. However, these score "withholding" (and score "cancel") requests are done by fax (and not online, like the SAT scores), so students can feel very nervous about this, since students won't get any receipt of their score "withholding," nor will they know if their score is "withheld" in time before they send their scores to universities. Because of this last point, it is very important to use "Score Withholding" early, right after the July score update but before the end-of-the-year university applications (for rising seniors, 12th graders).

아래 링크를 누르면 AP 시간표를 보실 수 있습니다.

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